Short staffed and stressed out

Tonite at work has just been awful, and I think the reason behind it was mostly managerial crap. As far as I can tell the nursing unit mangers at the hospital were I work at are all in dispute over personal falling outs, as well as pressure from the owners to cost cut. So they have been mean, and I had no extra staff person to help care for the 10 pateints on my own.
There were a few independant but otherwise they need a fair amount of hands on nursing care. I feel that I didn’t give each of my patients the apropriate care they equally deserve. I was totally stressed out the entire shift. But I was fortunate enough to have a good nurse and a new friend working with me tonite and she worked just as hard as I did. She also had 6 patients of her own to care for. I felt secure in that she is a senior nurse and therefore I had support. But still that is not the point.
Perhaps if I wasn’t feeling sick also I may have been able to handle the situation better somehow.
Overall I think the whole hospital is in need of a full overhall. Maybe just a change in managenment. Something. They need to do something, anything. As long as they don’t remain stagnant with no change at all….. We will see…… Time will tell as always….. Wish me luck!

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