Heros again (marathon cont.)

The marathon continues!
I am begining to become adicted to this show. Airing today on fox on the sci-fi channel is the second half of the first series of Heros. It’s a continuation of last Saturdays marathon. Peter and his brother Nathan have given themselves to save New York City. Claire is back with her adopted family. Mohinda has a new charge in his life and perhaps now a new destiny. Jessica/Niki her guy and her son, most likely after a trip to the hospital to continue their lives. Hiro and Ando stopped the bomb, and the rogue cop can now retun to his pregnant wife.
Sylar, the bad guy, of course got away in an all familiar scenario by slithering down into the merky depths of the sewer. Well that was no suprise he is the bad guy afterall and we killed him once! Plenty of villan finess leftover for series 2!
They are all heros. But will they fight for the greater good forever?

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Heros tv series marathon

Heros is a tv series which is a few years old now, but is currently airing the first season in a marathon tonite! I have to admit this series has been brilliantly written and brings fantasy and imagination to life easily. Heros gets a 5 star rating from me.

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